Frizzt Heartthrob

Half-Elf Bard


Name: Frizzt Heartthrob
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Lore Bard
Background: Entertainer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Faction: Emerald Enclave



The Birth of a Legend:
To know Frizzt, you would need to know his mother Cher, a Wood Elf Bard singer. After losing her Elven husband, Cher began a solo career while raising her son Leon. Her song Do You Believe In Life After Love became such a hit that Cher became known all over Faerun. While on the road, she had a series of romantic interests, one being a certain handsome, dashing human. 9 months later, or however it takes for Elves, a Half-Elf was born. Legend has it that this baby was born wearing leather pants, his hair styled up, and holding a lute in his hands. Cher even wrote a song called Half-Breed for little Frizzty.

Becoming Heartthrob:
Now Elves usually have around 90 years to become adults by choosing their surname. With this amount of time, surnames are taken with the utmost seriousness. Having only 16-20 years, Frizzt did not have adequate time to treat this process as seriously as he learned about. Sensing his destiny in the spotlight on a stage, he became Frizzt Heartthrob.


Getting the Band Together:
Being in a family of musicians, Frizzt, his mother Cher, and his half brother Leon all learned instruments and how to entertain. Leon, being a Wood Elf, preferred to follow the way of the Druid, but still stuck with the drums, being the party animal he is. When Frizzt and Leon became older and were wanting to create their own music, they knew they needed to escape their mother’s shadow, as she had a specific style. If an audience knew they were the children of Cher, the audience would request all of her songs instead of the new music that Frizzt and Leon had written. So Frizzt and Leon said goodbye to their mother, and to the rest of the traveling musicians, and set out on their own tour around Faerun.

Frizzt Heartthrob

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